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  • Student Services

    Service hours for the fall semester 2020: Due to the current situation we are still asked to limit personal contact. We will therefore not offer any walk-in-service hours but will support you via a Zoom call or personal appointment:

    Mon & Wed 2 pm – 4 pm online via Zoom:

    Join Zoom Meeting:

    Meeting ID: 935 9378 1337

    Passcode: support20

    Please wait in the waiting room until it's your turn. We will let you in individually.

    Tue & Thu 11.30 am – 12.30 pm and 3 pm – 5 pm on campus - only with personal appointment

    For a personal appointment kindly send us an email to

    Of course you can always drop us an email or call us. 

    We are here to assist you with all non-program and non-career related matters. We will do our very best to support and advice you. Every student is welcome to make use of our Student Services Information Point on the 1st floor for assistance and guidance.

    Before and right after your arrival we are keen to enable you to start at KLU as smooth as possible by providing you with the required information, counseling and assisting you in every day related issues. During your studies we are committed to provide you a comprehensive orientation in getting you the utmost from your experience during this challenging and exciting program.

    What we do

    • Enrollment service
    • Advice on visa issues, residence registration in Hamburg and residence permit
    • Help to find suitable accommodation within the metropolitan area of Hamburg (regular support hours)
    • Assistance with health insurance (regular support hours) and setting up a bank account
    • Organizational and financial support for extracurricular activities
    • Various types of confirmations as well as tickets for public transportation and your Student ID Card
    • Counseling on tuition fee payments and funding
    • Confidential and free professional psychological service on individual request (short-term), workshops on study related topics as well as referrals for students who require long-term counseling

    We always try to

    • Help you to resolve your query immediately
    • Forward your request and taking appointments
    • Enable you to access more specialist services
    • Provide you with information that will enable you to help yourself
  • Enrollment

    Once you have signed your study agreement, enrollment is the next important step in becoming a student at KLU. Therefore, we need certified copies of your degree certificates and some further documents. As of now, you can start your enrollment process. Please make sure to send all required documents to KLU by July 31, 2020 at the latest. In case you have any questions regarding your enrollment please do not hesitate to contact our Student Services Team (

    Please note that the enrollment for exchange & TriCon partner students (UTK/Tongji University) will be conducted via Mobility Online.

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  • Health insurance

    To support you getting started at KLU, we have put together a quick summary of some of the necessities to think about when trying to navigate healthcare in Germany. Health insurance is mandatory for all students in Germany and one of the most important requirements for enrollment.

    Please note that the requirements for exchange & TriCon partner students (UTK/Tongji University) can be found on the respective fact sheets on Mobility Online - the tool where you register and submit your documents for enrollment.

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  • Accommodation

    Finding the right type of accommodation is a challenging task. KLU does not offer on-campus housing but supports you in finding suitable accommodation.

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  • Arrival Services: FAQs and Welcome Week

    You may have questions about topics such as enrollment, tuition fee payment, accommodation etc. This section about Pre-Arrival information incl. a list of FAQs and information about to-dos before & after arrival is meant to help you find the information you need most quickly and easily as you plan your semester. Even more FAQs regarding you whole study time at KLU (Study Abroad, Internships) can be found on KLU’s website.

    Moreover, you will find the schedule of the Welcome Week - you first week at KLU- and details about the Welcome Week's program here.

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  • On-Campus Services

    Our on-campus services optimize life at KLU by providing all the essential services for KLU students. Please follow one of the links below for information on specific services. If you have a question about any other service or if you have an idea what further information you want us to add, please get in touch with us.

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