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      Campus Calendar

      The Campus Calendar was created to provide a broad overview of all academic and non-academic dates to the whole KLU community. You will be able to check for
      •   general semester dates (lecture periods, exam weeks, semester break,…)
      •   academic deadlines (registration deadline for your semester abroad, submission deadline for your thesis,…)
      •   campus events (lecture series, events organized by the student clubs, yearly events such as the Graduation Ceremony, Start-Up Day, Open Days,…)

      Please note that you will not be able to see your schedule in the Campus Calendar. Kindly continue using your calendar "Lectures" for this purpose.

      The Campus Calendar is automatically integrated in your Office 365.


      How to Connect to the Wireless Network at the KLU on Windows 7

      How to Connect to the Wireless Network at the KLU on Windows 8.1 and higher

      How to Connect to the Wireless Network at the KLU on Mac OS X

      How to Connect to the Wireless Network at the KLU on iPhone / iPad

      How to Connect to the Wireless Network at the KLU on Android


      VPN (Virtual Private Network)

      The below manual will show you how to install and connect to the KLU Virtual Private Network (VPN) in order to gain access to the Library Sources, Journals, etc. on My KLU from external networks - e.g. from your home computer or while being abroad.

      How to Connect to the KLU VPN

      MyKLU (Student portal)

      MyKLU is your personal online access portal to practical information regarding your studies at KLU. Here you can view the full curriculum of your program and courses. A personal calendar makes it easy for you to keep track of your busy schedule, including dates for exams periods. You can also perform many practical activities directly on the portal. You can download your Certificate of Enrollment, your Transcript of Records and a Confirmation Letter of Mandatory Internship (Praktikumsbescheinigung) directly and whenever you need one. And it is possible to view your latest grades. You can inform Student Services and other KLU offices about changes in your contact information.


      KLU's Office365

      How to connect to KLU`s Office365 and get the Office Package

      Office 365 Android: Set up email

      Office 365 Apple: Set up email

      KLU's hosted software

      Some software like STATA or SPSS, which software accurate see the following list, are available on Remote Desktop Server. Here are short manuals for MAC and Windows.


      eduroam is an international initiative that allows members of educational establishments to gain internet access at other member sites easily, using credentials from their home site in a secure manner.


      Authentication details (username/password) are configured into the user's computer and tested at the home site before departure. These details are used automatically at the destination site when the computer discovers the eduroam network is available (usually via a wireless network SSID called 'eduroam'). eduroam(DE) is part of eduroam.

      In order to provide a consistent service for all wireless users and to keep traffic usage levels with acceptable limits, traffic on eduroam is monitored for excessive use.

      Users with high levels of traffic will be contacted and asked to moderate their usage. Measures will be taken against those who continue to have unacceptable traffic levels.

      For installation and configuration please use the following link.

      EDUROAM Tool

      • Vendors offering discounts for students

        Vendors offering discounts for students

        Windows Hard- and Software

        Sieslack (local repair shop & store):

        Microsoft education store:

        Apple Hard- and Software

        Apple education store: